Close Your Eyes – We Will Overcome (Review)


A Proclamation
Friends Are Friends Forever
xChet Stedmanx
Digging Graves
The Body
Song For The Broken
Wake Up!
Bitter Path
Something Needs To Change
Arms Raised

Brett Callaway
Andrew Rodriguez
Sonny Vega
Jordan Vesey

Past Members:
Ben Clinard
Chris Coltman
Brian Escochea
David Fidler
Tim Friesen
Shane Raymond
Mikey Sawyer

Hailing from Abilene, Texas Close Your Eyes are a Christian Melodic Hardcore band that formed in 2005. They have strong opinions on the Christian faith and like to represent this in their songs. Close Your Eyes released two EP’s, including a self titled EP, before they went on to making their debut album ‘We Will Overcome’ in 2010. Since then Close Your Eyes have released another studio album called ‘Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts’.

We Will Overcome is Close Your Eye’s debut album with Victory Records and was released on February 16, 2010. For a debut album it had a lot of attention and album sales. This could be because of their EP’s and/or the various promotions from Victory Records. Raging bass tone, catchy drum fills and memorable guitar riffs are what make this album unique. The melodic sounds of this album really set Close Your Eyes apart from any other band with the same genre or with similarities

Overall my favorite album by Close Your Eyes, it set a really high expectation for the following albums to match and I do not feel that their later albums did match the significance of this album.

 “Just like with any record there are indeed some flaws with We Will Overcome but minor ones, so overall its an extremely solid album. Stand out tracks would be, Song For The Broken, xChet Steadmanx, Digging Graves, Bitter Path, and Something Needs To Change. Falling into the hardcore genre, it’s hard to say that any particular hardcore band can stand out upon it’s own but yet CYE has begun to carve out their own niche within the music scene through their positive words, catchy melodies, and powerful instrumentals.” –

Jordan Moore

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