Attack Attack! (US) – Someday Came Suddenly


Hot Grills, and High Tops
Stick Stickly
Bro, Ashley’s Here
Shred, White, and Blue
Party Foul
What Happens If I Can’t Check My Myspace When We Get There
The People’s Elbow
Kickin’ Wing, Animal Doctor
Dr. Shavargo Pt.3
Catfish Soup

Andrew Wetzel
Andrew Whiting
Tyler Sapp
Phil Druyor

Past Members:
Austin Carlile
Johnny Franck
John Holgado
Caleb Shomo
Nick Barham
Nick White
Ricky Lortz

Attack Attack! are a Metalcore/Electronicore/Post-Hardcore/Crabcore band that was formed in Ohio, USA in 2007. With their debut EP titled ‘If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?’, Attack Attack! have gone on to release a further three studio albums with another album due to be released this year (2013). Austin Carlile started off as the vocalist for Attack Attack! before going on to forming Of Mice & Men in 2009 along with Jaxin Hall.  There is also a band called ‘Attack! Attack!’ from South Wales (the difference being that there is two exclamation marks instead of one).

Most people are unfamiliar with the new ‘crabcore’ scene. Attack Attack! pioneered the crabcore genre. Crabcore entails being terrible at life, the universe and everything. Inclued in Crabcore is the infamous move that Attack Attack! perform on stage, the ‘crab’, aka crab walking.


Someday Came Suddenly is defiantly my favourite album by Attack Attack!, although many people think that the band weren’t serious enough at the time. I think that Austin Carlile’s unclean vocals compliment the songs that are on this album really well. All in all I will have to rate this album a 8/10. I feel that the band worked well together to achieve this album. I’ve also watched interviews and ‘making of…’ videos of the band at the time and I admit they did mess around but at the same time they got what they wanted done, done and that’s what music is really about. On the other hand, I can not wait for Attack Attack!’s new album that is due out this year.

Jordan Moore

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  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share… waiting for more.

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