The XX – XX (Review)


Heart Skipped a Beat
Basic Space
Night Time

Oliver Sim
Romy Madley Croft
Jamie Smith

Past Members:
Baria Qureshi

The XX are an Indie Pop/Dream Pop group that formed in London, England in 2005. The XX met whilst studying in Elliott School in London. This school also produced Hot Chip. In 2009 The XX released this album as their debut. Since then the group have gone on to produce another album called Coexist.

Being describes as a “rare gem” by multiple fans XX has sold over 405,000 in the UK alone and was number 1 in in three charts that consist of, the Irish Independent Chart, the French Digital Albums Chart and the UK Indie Album Chart.

My personal view on this album would be nothing less that spectacular. The collision of bass lines and guitar riffs with Jamie Smith’s Remixing and ‘DJing’ almost feels like the music is exploding into your ears. The XX have a lot of attributes that other modern bands/groups lack in.

I’d rate this album a 9/10 for its originality and brilliant music. The XX provide a sound for people of all music types. I’d recommend that you buy this album or at least check out The XX for yourself.

Jordan Moore


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