Issues – Black Diamonds EP (Review)


Black Diamonds (ft. Scout)
King Of Amarillo
The Worst Of Them
Love. Sex. Riot (ft. Fronz)
Her Monologue

Band Members:
Tyler Carter
Michael Bohn
Case Snedecor
AJ Rebollo
Tyler Acord
Skyler Acord

Past Members:
Ben Ferris
Cory Ferris
Jake Vintson

Founded by ex-members of Woe Is Me, Michael Bohn, Tyler Carter, Cory Ferris and Ben Ferris, Issues are a Metalcore/Nu-Metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Forming in 2012, Issues only have Black Diamonds in their discography, but they have also released a few singles.

Opening with the song ‘Black Diamonds (ft. Scout) (an intro that gradually builds into ‘King of Amarillo’), this EP has taken a drastic turn from the metalcore music that Michael Bohn and Tyler Carter are used to producing into more of a dubstep genre. Issues plotted this dubstep twist on their songs to gain fans that wouldn’t normally enjoy metalcore music.

Being a fan of Woe is Me, I suddenly fell in love with Issues. Tyler Carter’s  clean vocals really reminded me of the old Woe is Me. Listening to this EP has changed the way I thought about Tyler as he uses a much wider vocal range in Issues than he did in Woe Is Me. The dubstep doesn’t bother me because I enjoy a wide range of music genres. I personally think that the dubstep twist is a brilliant technique that Issues have most definitely mastered in this EP. I not wait to hear more from Issues and I’m glad that Tyler and Michael are finally back, producing music where they belong.

Jordan Moore


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