Woe, Is Me – Number[s] (Review)


 On Veiled Men
[&] Delinquents
Mannequin Religion
Keep Your Enemies Close
Hell, or High Water
For The Likes Of You
Our Number[s]
If Not, For Ourselves
Desolate (the Conductor)
Tik Tok (Kesha Cover, Bonus Track)

Band Members:
Hance Alligood
Doriano Magliano
Andrew Paiano
Kevin Hanson
Brian Medley

Past Members:
Tim Sherrill
Tyler Carter
Cory Ferris
Michael Bohn
Ben Ferris
Geoffrey Higgins
Austin Thornton

Woe Is Me are a metalcore band that originate from in Atlanta Georgia, USA. Formed in 2009, Woe is Me went on to making their Debut appearance with the album Number[s].

At this time Woe is Me were a seven piece band that consisted of Tyler Carter, Michael Bohn, Austin Thornton, Kevin Hanson, Cory Ferris, Ben Ferris and Tim Sherrill. Issues between band members made both vocalists Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn split from the band and form their own band called Issues.

Number[s] is my favorite Woe is Me album. Tyler and Michael really bring this album together with their vocals and their clever use of lyrics. With snippets of a techno style music the album seemed to be filled with surprises when I first heard it. It felt as if the album was letting off little explosions to keep the listener entertained. Austin Thornton   really brings out the depth of the music with cleverly constructed fills. There are not really a great deal of guitar riffs in the album but being a drummer this does not bother me in the slightest.

I would recommend the purchase of this album and Woe is Me’s other albums if you are into Issues because fans have made links between these to bands as Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn are ex-members of Woe is Me. I would also like to recommend this and Woe is Me’s other albums if you are into other bands that share the same genre.

Jordan Moore

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