Crown The Empire – The Fallout (Review)


Oh, Catastrophe
The Fallout
Memories Of A Broken Heart
Makeshift Chemistry
The One You Feed
Graveyard Souls
Two’s Too Many
Children Of Love
Johnny’s Revenge

Band Members:
Andy Leo
David Escamilla
Brandon Hoover
Bennett Vogelman
Hayden Tree
Austin Duncan
Brent Taddle

Formed in Texas, Crown the Empire are a band currently signed by Rise Records. Increasing in popularity, Crown the Empire made their debut in 2011 with a self released EP called Limitless. They then followed on with their first full-length effort, The Fallout, which arrived on Rise Records in 2012.

The album starts out as to what sounds like a ‘cheesy Disney song’ with the song ‘Oh, Catastrophe’, the album gradually explodes into the sound that is Crown The Empire. The album has a mixture of different harmonious and background vocals that give the tracks more depth. The only way the tracks could be described on this album is moody and dramatic. Crown The Empire link together electronic ambiance with metal characteristics. Capture The Crown have been described as “a metalcore take on Linkin Park“. I feel that this comment is the closest that anybody is going to get on describing the sound of Crown The Empire.

I went out and purchased this album. One of the best first full-length albums I have ever heard. Crown The Empire have totally outdone themselves in this album. I have a few favorites in this album that include ‘The Fallout’, ‘Two’s Too Many’ and ‘Johnny’s Revenge’. 

Jordan Moore

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