Of Mice & Men – The Flood (Deluxe Reissue) Review


Disk One: The New EP
The Calm
The Storm
The Flood
The Depths

Disk Two: The Original Flood Album
O.G Loko
Ben Threw
Let Live
Still YDG’N
My Understandings
Product of a Murderer
Repeating Apologies
The Great Hendowski
I’m a Monster
When You Can’t Sleep at Night

Austin Carlile (Vocalist)
Tino Arteaga (Drummer)
Phil Manansala (Guitarist)
Alan Ashby (Guitarist)
Aaron Pauley (Bassist/Clean Vocalist)

Past Members:
Shayley Bourget
Jaxin Hall
Jerry Roush
Jon Kintz

Of Mice & Men are one of my all time favorite bands. What I like about Of Mice & Men is the clean vocals that mix in with the vocal screams, but as you know there has been a recent departure of Shayley Bourget (the clean vocalist & bassist).Of Mice & Men are a band that formed in California in 2009. Austin Carlile joined the band from another band called Attack! Attack! (US) which are still touring and producing good music with a different vocalist. It is said that Of Mice & Men got their name from the book by John Steinbeck. The American dream is one of the main topics that is in the book and this is what Of Mice & Men went out to represent.

After the departure of Shayley Of Mice & Men went on to creating The Flood (Deluxe Reissue) which it the original flood album with an extra disk with an EP containing 4 new songs. Interviews of Austin Carlile state that this EP was “the bands way of releasing their anger through their music…”. This EP consists of a mixture of ‘angry sounding music’ and calm harmonious that are soothing. The EP seems as if it starts off calm and gradually gets ‘angrier’ and more raw/rough. Since the EP has been released I have read fans, on numerous occasions, saddened by the lack of clean vocals in the EP. This will change soon as Austin has said in an interview that the new album will be like the old Of Mice & Men with a mixture of clean vocals and scream vocals. At the moment Of Mice & Men have a session bassist/vocalist to cover Shayley but when the new album comes out Austin will be singing clean as well as scream vocals.

The structure of this album is what I liked most. The mixture of calm and heavy songs in the EP mixed in the original Flood album. The EP and The Flood album all work as one in making a calm start and finish with all the anger in between. The instrumental music is pulled together with cleverly devised breakdowns and harmonies. The clever lyrics devised by both Austin and Shayley have been some of the most realistic lyrics that I’ve ever read. Every song that Of Mice & Men have ever written as a band portrays their own personal experiences and their opinions and feelings about certain situations. I think that this is Of Mice & Men’s best attributes.

Jordan Moore

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